About the Cyckei ProjectΒΆ

Cyckei is a battery cycling application designed to carry out charging, discharging, and data collection on lithium-ion cells. It is designed to interface with the Keithley 2602A/B SourceMeter for calorimetry testing, but can be used in a variety or setups.

The application uses a Python-like scripting format in order to write cycles that are carried out on cells. To learn more about scripts, read the Creating Scripts section or look at the example below.

for i in range(3):
  CCCharge(0.1, reports=(("voltage", 0.01), ("time", ":5:")), ends=(("voltage", ">", 4.2), ("time", ">", "4::")))
  CCDischarge(0.1, reports=(("voltage", 0.01), ("time", ":5:")), ends=(("voltage", "<", 3.0), ("time", ">", "4::")))
  Rest(reports=(("time", "::1"),), ends=(("time", ">", "::15"),))

Cyckei is open source, and we encourage users to modify the code to fit a given setup. Details on contributing to the project are in our Contributing section.

Cyckei is currently developed and maintained by Vincent Chevrier at Cyclikal LLC, Clark Ohnesorge, and Gabriel Ewig. For more information about Cyclikal, visit cyclikal.com.


Screen shot of Cyckei channel tab on Mac OS.