Changes & Features


Original version of Cyckei.

Notable Changes

  • Create complex UI to handle all software functions
  • Implement cycling protocols such as CCCharge and Sleep

0.1 Vayu - 07/2/2019

Intended to significantly improve the performance and responsiveness of the application by improving the execution pattern and introducing threading to the Qt interface. Also overhauls the UI and brings many components up to date.

Notable Changes

  • Run client communication functions as synchronous worker
  • Switch GUI from PyQt5 to PySide2
  • Improve layout and scaling of UI elements

Development Releases

  • 0.1.dev1, 05/26/2019 – Initial Cyclikal commits
  • 0.1.dev2, 05/30/2019 – Adjust layout and switch to PySide2
  • 0.1.dev3, 05/31/2019 – Create threaded workers for each action
  • 0.1.dev4, 06/02/2019 – All primary buttons execute as separate thread
  • 0.1.dev5, 06/03/2019 – Message Boxes and status updates are sent through signal/slot pattern
  • 0.1.dev6, 06/12/2019 – Overhaul visual appearance for simplicity
  • 0.1.dev7, 06/12/2019 – Separate client and server packages for proper file access during distribution
  • 0.1.dev8, 06/13/2019 – Fix over-threading and application exit
  • 0.1.dev9, 06/27/2019 – Move server to applet and improve OS integration
  • 0.1.dev10, 06/27/2019 – A bunch of script tab fixes and separated status and feedback on the channel tab

Release Candidates

  • 0.1rc1, 06/28/2019 – Initial Release Candidate
  • 0.1rc2, 06/29/2019 – Fixed some bugs, enable MenuBar on Windows, and added exception logging

0.2 Alviss

Smaller update focused on simplifying the code to aid in further development. This includes unifying as many commonly used functions as possible and adding code documentation. Also adds single file executables because they’re fun.

Notable Changes

  • Unify common functions and generally refactor codebase
  • Support distribution of compiled executables
  • Improve documentation
  • Small UI adjustments including dark mode
  • Rewrite “Read” and “StatusUpdate” functions for better performance and functionality

Development Releases

  • 0.2.dev1, 7/15/2019 – Improve Documentation
  • 0.2.dev2, 7/17/2019 – Switch to PyInstaller build system
  • 0.2.dev3, 7/20/2019 – Simplify client codebase, unify common functions, improve UI
  • 0.2.dev4, 7/21/2019 – Introduce Sphinx and add contribution documentation
  • 0.2.dev5, 7/24/2019 – Small adjustments to prepare release candidates

Release Candidates

  • 0.2rc1, 7/24/2019 – Fix some small bugs
  • 0.2rc2, 7/24/2019 – Fix bugs, reduce server calls, and document issues
  • 0.2rc3, 7/30/2019 – Improve status updates and “Read Cell” function
  • 0.2rc4, 7/31/2019 – Fix file naming while reading cell, unify versioning
  • 0.2rc5, 8/01/2019 – Report pre-logging runtime errors

0.3 Tenjin

Add significant features which make the platform more efficient. This includes automatic scripting, better batch management, pretty log view, multi-folder scripts, and more.

Development Releases

  • 0.3.dev1, 0/00/0000 – TBD

Release Candidates

  • 0.3rc1, 0/00/0000 – TBD

Possible Features

  • Client Interface
    • Automatic scripting
    • Better batch management
    • Pretty log view
    • Multi-folder script storage
    • Script highlighting
  • Server Software
    • “Plug-in” style core (lua) script management for different devices
    • Implement Cython and threading for improved performance with massive cycles
    • Auto shutoff due to crash or inactivity
    • Possibly better logging format, dependent on Cell Explorer
    • Stop all cycles on exit
  • Hardware Support
    • Complete Support for Mac and Linux
    • Make equivalent for Windows
    • Simplify VISA and driver installation for end user
  • Miscellaneous
    • Automated release delivery
    • Add test suite

Bug Tracker

  • Segmentation Fault: 11 on Darwin